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Admin Collapse Subpages

Short Description: Widget that displays the title(w/ link), date(optional), and excerpt(optional) of random posts within a selected date range. Can also now be used outside of widgets/sidebars.

Original Release Date: September 10, 2011

Current Version: 1.0 (released 9.10.2011)

Tested With Versions: 3.0.1 – 3.2.1

Contact Info: lupka31@gmail.com, twitter.com/lupka (drop me a line if you find this plugin useful, I’d love to see it in action on your site.)

Download from WordPress.org: Click hereDonate: Click here


Simple plugin that allows you to collapse subpages in the Pages admin list. Especially helpful if you have a ton of pages. It uses a cookie to save the expand/collapse status of your pages.

This is loosely based on Collapse Sub-Pages by Dan Dietz (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/collapse-sub-pages/), which broke with the 3.0 upgrade due to UI changes and hasn’t been updated. I’ve had to rewrite the jQuery to make it work with 3.x versions.

Because this is a jQuery, it’s possible that they could make additional changes that would break it. I’ll do my best to stay on top of it, but let me know if it stops working.

Please contact me if you run into any issues, either via email (lupka31@gmail.com) or Twitter (http://twitter.com/lupka)


  1. Download, unzip, and upload the `random-posts-within-date-range-widget` folder along with all its files to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Visit your Pages admin page and notice the lovely +/- buttons.


Example Edit Page menu.

Same menu with a group of subpages minimized.

Same menu completely minimized.

Expand/collapse all buttons at the top of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a delay after I use “Quick Edit”?

The WordPress Quick Edit functionality is a little buggy in my opinion. To make a long story short, this delay is so that WordPress can complete the edit(and any possible parent changes) before refreshing the expand/collapse status.

I’d recommend not using Quick Edit to change parent/child pages at all. It often doesn’t refresh any changed rows properly.



  • Initial version of the plugin